VOIP Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOIP telephone?
VOIP stands for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol. This means your telephone calls go through the internet instead of conventional copper telephone lines.

Does it work with my existing phone(s)?
Yes, 4SIWI Voip supports most standard line telephones.

What features does it support?
4SIWI Voip comes with CallerID, Call Waiting, 3-way calling, and over 15 other calling features free of charge. (Full List)

Can I use the internet and phone at the same time?
Yes, browse and talk all you want at the same time.
(active phone call reduces internet speed by 40Kbps)

What is the voice quality?
Voice quality is comparable to that of conventional telephone service.

Does it support FAX/Data services?
No, At this time FAX /Data services have limited support on our system.

Can I keep my old number?
Yes, you may port your existing number from Verizon, ATT, etc. for use on 4SIWI Voip service. (This process can take between 7-15 days)

Will phone service be installed at the time of my wireless internet install?
Typically phone service will be installed (after) the internet service is installed and working in addition to the customer signing a LOA form.

Can I get the phone service by itself without internet?
NO, because we have to use the internet connection to provide you access to our telephone network we DO NOT offer it without the basic internet service.

What equipment is involved?
4SIWI will install a Linksys VOIP appliance (at a cost of $80) between our equipment and your router/PC and the telephone service will originate from one of the 4 ports on this device.

Does my computer have to be on to use the phone service?
NO, unlike other VOIP services our telephone service does not rely on your computer to send or receive calls.

Can I have more than one line?
Yes, 4SIWI Voip currently supports up to 2 phone lines per customer.

I don’t have a phone line, do I need one to get this service?
NO, because we do not use conventional copper lines to deliver your phone service you do not need an existing phone line.

Are there hidden charges, fees, etc?
4SIWI Voip is subject to the taxes in your city/county which are required of ANY telephone provider. These fees total less than $5 month and typically include fees for 911, sales tax, etc.